Grow recurring revenue through exclusivity

Create your own paid membership program. Customers pay you a monthly fee. In return, your store offers exclusive rewards and discounts on existing products, without having to create new products.

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Paid Membership Program

Membership Programs are Changing

Have you ever been a part of a membership program where it's free to join, but then to "earn points", you have to add your birthday details, a profile pic, share an image on social media, write a review, write a blog post and the list goes on...and at the end of it all, you get a whopping $10 discount!

These free membership programs simply don't incentivize customers enough. They are nice to have and sound good in theory but there's too much friction just to get a reward...there's a much better way!

Welcome to the world of paid memberships. In a nutshell, members pay you a monthly fee and in return, you offer exclusive rewards and discounts on your existing products. This could include free shipping, members only discounts, earn reward points while you shop, exclusive access to locked content and much more...

Here's the key...because it costs a fee to join, it creates exclusivity. Not everyone gets in. This causes a much higher engagement from members. It also makes your paid membership valuable since people are paying for it.

The best thing about it is that you generate recurring revenue, without having to create a new product like a subscription box. You simply leverage your existing products by offering rewards and discounts on them.

Generate Monthly Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is the key to making your store valuable when it comes time to exit. It's also what gives you peace of mind each month knowing you've got money coming in. This is where Memberply enables you to set up a recurring revenue source, through a paid membership program.

Recurring Revenue

Leverage Your Existing Products

Offer exclusive rewards and discounts on your existing products. Even if you only have a handful of products, paid membership programs work really well!

Exclusive Rewards and Discounts

Deep Gamification By Earning Points

Have you ever noticed how so many loyalty programs from the fast food industry all involve earning points when you order? Then you can redeem those points for further discounts and items. Put simply, it works! Memberply allows you to set up a reward points perk as one of the benefits of your membership program.

Reward Points

Automatically Deliver Your Rewards

Once your membership program has been set up, Memberply automatically delivers your rewards and discounts to members through your member portal.

Adding Members Only Content

Gen Z Love Paid Membership Programs

Checkout an excerpt from a recent article written by an incredible Gen Z who explores the trends and topics around Gen Z.

Gen Z Paid Membership Communities

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We help brands win because we've been in the trenches ourselves. In fact, we've grown our own online store to thousands of subscribers. Everything we've learned has been put into Memberply.

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